SEPTA Regional Rail App Reviews

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This does not have up to date schedules... complete crap

Incorrect times

Download the SEPTA app that is from SEPTA if you want correct, up to date schedules. This app has incorrect schedules


I love this app. I have been using it for several years and it has always been spot on! But remember to check for updates to keep it in line with the regional rails schedules.


Do not depend on this app! Its disinformation caused me to miss an Amtrak train. As far as I can tell, its alleged schedules are pure fiction. Needs serious work.


This app hadn't been updated. I used it yesterday and was late for my train. Ended up driving since the next train was the next hour. Bad news and crappy app if it doesn't get updated when schedules are updated.

Out of date

The train schedules are old and out of date. Easily 5 stars if the info was correct!! Hello?? Does anyone care in there?? The app is simple and quick...elegant; but wrong!! Please update!!!

Terrific App

I use this app all the time. It is very intuitive and user-friendly. One minor complaint - can updates be made more frequently to keep in sync with the ever-changing schedules?


Schedules are updated in conjunction with SEPTA. All users are advised to read the Service Advisory and follow instructions on how to refresh the schedules on your device. There is a REFRESH SCHEDULE function in the app the synchronize the latest schedules against the website.

Needs updating

I got stuck in a town after finding out the train I was on had changed schedules and no longer went to my destination. App apparently was never updated to reflect the new schedule. Thanks SEPTA

Useless - no updates

Don't bother -- the schedules haven't been updated in months.


While laid out well and easy to use, it's September 20th, schedule changes not updated, I almost missed a train, would had to wait an hour for another one.

Quick and easy to find schedules!

Compared to apps where each time you login you have to select from a huge scroll menu the departure and destination, this is so simple. Also this app is SO quick!! With one click I can see all the incoming trains from my home station to work. Love the simplicity!

Not updated with new schedules

Nice app, but it doesn't update with schedule changes. You'll be early, or late!! Was off by 20 minutes today.

Good app but for "refresh" & no support.

I use this app and like it. It's great for those who use more than one SEPTA train line and stop. But there is no support -- the support email address doesn't work & bounces, and the app store support button leads to a website with no way to contact the author. Also, when SEPTA issues new schedules, you are supposed to be able to "refresh" the data from w/in the app. This doesn't work -- it says you're supposed to wait 1 minute and not touch the home button, but I've waited 10-20 mins and nothing happens. It causes the entire phone to freeze. And the version number still isn't updated to the one on the server. The only way to update the schedules is to uninstall the app and the get the new version from the App Store. I am using an iPhone 4.

By Far the BEST and most intuitive and accurate SEPTA REGIONAL RAIL LINE Map

Note how I capped REGIONAL RAIL LINE! Because that's all that's here but by far the easiest to navigate and most intuitive. I actually went to the site to verify the times. One of these SEPTA apps didn't even have the right times...Are you kidding me? This app is PERFECT! Very graphically oriented and very easy to use!

Who is writing those other reviews?

This is the ticket (pun intended). I spent $2 for what is literally nothing but a train schedule 2hrs out (almost useless). This is an example of not trusting all reviews.

Nothing special

This app is ok. It tells u train time but u can print that out from septa website. Septa droid is way better compare to this. Too bad it's onle from droid.

Looks good

The app works fine for me. Easy to read, accurate.

Good app

I'm glad I got this app despite the bad reviews. This app is good. It shows the train schedules in a convenient, intuitive way and it even has a service advisory portion.

Total waste

Just download the PDF from the septa website. It is faster to get to the information that you need, free, and the time for the trains are currently incorrect in this app! It would be better to have nothing, than an app that shows incorrect times! The PDF's on the website are always up to date.

Big mistake!

App worked just fine before I updated this app, now I'm unable to open it (keeps crashing)!

Bad update

Still can't do anything. App does not work at all.

Not a very useful app.

You might as well get a hard copy of the septa schedule as that actually gives you better layout of times and station. Very cumbersome and counterintuitive.


Doesn't give a list of schedules. If I want to arrive at a certain time in a certain place, I want to know what train to take from my home station. This app doesn't do that--it's not worth your money.

Don't buy

This app doesn't show full schedules. It is bad.

Nothing more than a stack of papers

Really poor app. All it does is give the general paper schedules. There is no ability to focus in on your station, etc.

Close but no cigar

I gave it two stars, I've been using this app for a couple months when ever I go into Philly, and sometimes the trains only go so far down the line. And this didn't tell me that the train I was getting on only went to malvern and not straight to Thorndale. Just keep the printed schedule people it's easier and if your phone dies, no worries:)

Don't waste your money!

Waste of money for regional rails. It doesn't provide the station stops for a given train. Trains don't stop at every station,

Doesn't include arrival times - lots of scrolling

The app definitely provides a nice native experience over the web site There are two big problems: 1) there are no arrival times - my common use case is "I need to get to some station by some time. What time to I need to get to the departure station" ... It's hard to figure this out on the app. It requires a bit of inference and knowledge about the schedules. It does provide "what's the next time a train is departing from this station" 2) there is no customization that results in a lot of navigation & scrolling - I am almost always navigating to the same information but it requires 3 or 4 taps and a lot scrolling - there could be a big efficiency gain by adding some favorites or customization, and by tracking in to account current situation like gps location, day of the week and time of day Overall the foundations are here for this to be a great app but it has a little way to go


I can not believe they dont provide basic information about the schedules. Dont waste your money.


This app has improved significantly. And while you could to go SEPTA's website and look for this information, the app seems more user friendly.

No arrival times

Does not have arrival or travel time information.

Advisory Feature Is Not Kept Current

Purchased this app specifically for the travel advisories. The app did not work as expected even with valid 3G connection and WiFi- there had not been an update for over a week and there was no service advisory although several regional lines were cancelled today. The train schedules should also include whether the train is an Express or Local.


Don't waste your $! I live out on the W. Trenton line and there's no route info.


Perhaps if this app had all the rail lines or was dynamic this could really be useful. I would wait until the app is complete.


Much like the the public trans system for which this app gets it's name, this app is a useless waste of money. Peter why would you sell an app marketed as having schedules but only have half on the app? If you're going to do a job, do it completely Desperately needs an update, should be free.

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